Guests can rent full weeks or half weeks. Half weeks are either Sunday through Thursday or Thursday to Sunday. During the week of Vasaloppet we also offer a guests the option to rent for only two nights.


We offer different renting fees depending on the season. Christmas and New years and easter and week 7, 8, 9 are high season. Week 2 through 5 aswell as April to May and The autum months are low season with lower prices. Prices during summer varies.

Welcome to Fryksås-Finngården

Putte Bodén bought Finngården 1946 and bacame Fryksas first permanent resident. Storstugan, Loftet, Brudhärbet and Lilla härbet was already a part of the property. Thereafter Gammalhärbret, Krogen, Bastustugan, Fårhuset, Garaget och Maklins was added from Orsa. The eight cabins are furnished for renters, each with it's own kitchen area and toilets. There is room for about 30 overnight guests. The property is surrounded beautiful traditional Gärdesgård.